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Hi, I'm Gary Tenos. I'm a photographer that specializes in Architectural Photography, Aerial Photography, 4K Video, and Event Recording. I am a licensed Real Estate Broker with 29 years experience in serving Ponte Vedra Beach Investment, Residential, and Commercial properties. So I understand what it takes to have your high end listing stand out. In a word: Images. You need world class photography of your oceanfront properties to make high end images to really make a buyer stop and say, "Wow!".

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Are you really taking the photos of your listings with your smartphone or “point and shoot” camera? Real Estate professionals council their sellers on the importance of curb appeal, removing clutter and staging the interior of their home so a buyer is impressed with a sharp image. Then you come in and “snap” some quick shots with your telephone, really?

You may get away with that on the low end of the price range, but I can guarantee the higher the price, so much more is expected by the seller. Your phone and even point and shoot have a 6 to 10 foot flash range. Anything beyond that range falls dark. The real test for even the best professional photographer is shooting through the windows. A buyer wants to see the ocean view from his living room or even just her backyard pool from the kitchen.

Unless you have a manual exposure camera, on a tripod, and take multiple shots of the same image with a range of shutter settings from 1/1000 of a second for the ocean all the way down to say a 10 second exposure for the shadows under the counter and blend them together in Photoshop, you’re not doing the seller justice. If you have a “luxury” listing of a million dollars or more, the seller should be demanding only a professional real estate photographer. It’s not uncommon to spend 3 days in post-production using what’s known as HDR or high-dynamic range processing to blend multiple shots for perfect magazine quality images.

There are very few photographers that process their own pictures because this technique requires a mastering of Photoshop. Even looking at many of the design magazines I find pictures that are not properly exposed for full dynamic range. Your eyes are capable of seeing the brightest bright to the darkest shadow all at the same time. But there isn’t a camera made today that can come even close with a one-shot image. This HDR technique is how it’s done.

Buyers make a judgment in two seconds or less when they see a house online today. That first impression must be a serious wow factor!


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In many cases the weather brings undesirable issues to shooting the perfect magazine quality image for real estate. Blue skies will bring that touch of magic to your listing photos, but with the help of Photoshop, we spend valuable time replacing gray skies and trying to re-light to simulate sun and shadows. (See our “Before and After” tab) If the budget permits we’ll set a second appointment to re-shoot exteriors if weather is a problem.

Where we make an enormous difference is with the interior shots. HDR or High Dynamic Range is a technique used to make up for extreme lighting differences in the photo. A good example is shooting an oceanfront listing where the ocean and sky are 100 times brighter than the interior of the home. A one-shot photo will never capture this extreme lighting difference. We must take multiple exposures of the same image at a wide range of shutter speeds to capture each element of the photo. The ocean may need a 1/1000 second exposure, balcony may be at 1/250, inside the doors may be at 1/100, middle furniture may fall at 1/10 and under the counter may take as much as a full second or more for proper exposure.

These images need to be imported into Photoshop and blended together one at a time to produce a full range photo for the perfectly exposed image. Additionally, we may use several flash shots for color balance and additional illumination. There are several software products on the market that claim to “automatically” process all of this information, but we haven’t seen anything yet that comes close to a methodical “hand painting” of the image. Obviously this takes a considerable amount of time in post-production, but, if you have a luxury listing, $1 million or over, the seller wants perfect photos of their home.

If you’re paying a so-called “professional” real estate photographer in the range of $100 for your photo shoot, I’m sure you won’t receive the kind of service described above. Please call me for the finest magazine quality photography services available today!

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